7. April 2012

Caloosahatchee & The MOOnological dialogue

In  2010 I was invited by an old friend who left Austria a few years ago to Cape Coral (South West Forida) for vacations and arrived on the 23rd of September at the International Airport of Fort Myers.

An unforgetable time began. The stay at Andreas luxury home near the Caloosahatchee  was like a dream had come through and I occupied the pool for 18 days :)

Head over heals I fell in love with the Caloosahatchee River which was originally a shallow, meandering river with headwaters in the proximity of Lake Hicpochee. One must know that I love water in all its forms - it´s my prefered element and my most beloved drink.

When leaving Austria I didn´t want to paint in Florida, had no equipment with me and thought I would not have enough time for my passion. Once arrived there,  it was not the question of time - no! It was the ultimative need for me to paint, to express my feelings, the impressions and the  acutely inspiration which I´ve been given! It´s really very difficult to explain this pressure, the force to paint. So I  bought watercolors and paper and started my first serie in watercolor called "Caloosahatchee & The MOOnological dialogue" combined with the study of the palm leaf language. 

The MOOnological dialogue reflects the development of the tangential overlapping of transatlantic periphery under the influence of the palm leaf language from Natives of Florida. It is an intimate dialogue that may seem incomprehensible to outside although it´s the urban speech - people have forgotten over the centuries to understand the simplicity and power of the palm leaf language. I guess I´ve been chosen to make these wonderful experiences that enrich my artistic work and path permanently. I am very grateful and my love for Florida is fully available :)


  1. Thank you for your love of our local river, and for sharing your art with all of us!