30. August 2013

That´s me @ Van Gogh - Royal Talens

Ein weiteres Highlight für mich als Ambassador für Van Gogh | Royal Talens ist der Newsletter vom 30.8.2013!

Was für ein Gefühl, zu wissen, dass tausende Abonennten diese Nachricht in ihrer Mailbox haben und sich davon inspirieren lassen können :)

Viel Freude beim Lesen des Newsletters!

28. August 2013

Kunst + Reproduktion + Hahnemühle

Meine Freude über den Themenbeitrag im aktuellen Newsletter von Hahnemühle ist grenzenlos:

"Klein aber fein sind die Kunstwerke der Serie 'aHEAD' von Monika Mori (Mori-Art) aus Österreich. Sie malt ihre Originale auf den Hahnemühle Aquarellpostkarten und reproduziert die Miniaturen als Inkjet-Druck auf den Hahnemühle Fotokarten. Ein schönes Beispiel für selbstgefertigte Kunstreproduktionen."

Hahnemühle ist die älteste deutsche Künstlerpapiermanufaktur. Gegründet 1584 steht ihr Name heute weltweit für edles Papier. Das Unternehmen gliedert sich in drei Geschäftsbereiche: Traditionelle Künstlerpapiere für Maler, Zeichner und Grafiker. Inkjet-Papiere für exklusiven Fotodruck sowie Kunst- und Fotoreproduktion. Spezialpapiere für technische Anwendungen und Filtration in Industrie und Forschung. Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH mit Sitz in Dassel, Südniedersachsen, hat weltweit rund 180 Mitarbeiter und ist mit Tochtergesellschaften in den USA, Groß Britannien, Frankreich und China vertreten.

19. August 2013


In 2008 I started to use Facebook with a private profile but I didn´t have enough time beside my jobs for a daily presence there. I couldn´t understand why people tell useless things and share images with quotes, one after the other.

It took time until the end of 2009 that Facebook became an important part of my daily work. My page for art "MORI-ART | MOO" was created and I thought it could be very interesting to be in contact with international artists and being "friend" with them. This was a very interesting time and I made expierences - good and very bad - that I´d never got without Facebook ;)

In the meantime many other social networks appeared, which I´ve looked in but only Twitter was an interesting additional network for me to promote my art. 

My opinion about working with social media is, that an account has to be managed carefully without any nonsens. If you look into some profiles or pages you will see hundreds or thousands of images just for fun or something like that and I wonder always from where these people get their time for this - they have too much, I think ;)

Nowadays I have one profile on Facebook without friends to manage my pages. I can stay in contact with my few friends out of all social networks by email or phone. That´s the only way for me. I don´t wanna be in contact all the time with them or other people and if somebody is interesting in what I´m doing, please send me an email or make a call and so do I :)

If I watch these social networks from the meta level I can see that many people don´t know what they are connected with! And all the photos of their children are offending and harming boundaries, but they don´t care...

Maybe it´s time to clean up your accounts on the social networks you are in? 

15. August 2013

REALITY IN THE ROUND @ St. Luke´s - Metuchen NJ

Spirituality of the Mandala: 
An international exhibit of 'sacred circle' art.

September 21 to December 31, 2013

This international exhibit will showcase mandala art in a variety of media from around the world and it´s a great pleasure to be part! The jury decided to show my work "Quarter Circle - MOOndala"  - what a pleasure :)

Cultures down through time have used the mandala to connect with healing and spirituality.The meaning of Mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning "circle" and you know that circles are the main theme of my artistic work since the beginning. My Mandala is called MOOndala - it´s a very special one! The work is quadrinomial and can be changed to another painting as you can see in the album on Facebook. I remember as it was yesterday when and where I created it - it was a very heavy time in my life and painting this work gave me strength :)

Exhibit Open Daily Free to All: 
Monday - Friday  9am - 2pm / Saturday 4 - 6pm / Sunday 11am - 2pm

In addition to the exhibit in the gallery, several interactive events are being planned for the Opening.

17 Oak Ave. / Metuchen, NJ 08840
Nails in the Wall, the Gallery @ St. Luke's
Metuchen, NJ 08840
United States