6. Februar 2015

Honored by Irina Serban - The Whispering Voice

Painting Working on a Dream 09 | Monika Mori

I guess, there´s no need for telling my suprise and joy about the following:

"Dedicated to Monika Mori a great artist, a great human being whose light shines so humbly and strong that in her presence you cannot help noticing the immensity of her soul. One of the few persons I know who lives the meaning of 'unconditional giving' fully."

It is a further confirmation that the so-called virtual world is indeed real - just different to commonly referred as reality. 

Irina Serban - The Whispering Voice -  and I know each other only via the Internet. For us, it is left to meet each other in person, since our meeting took place on a subtle level :) 

Waiting For A Dream (9) invites you to learn more about a dream, to broaden your perspectives:

 "Sometimes even the Sun is afraid. I know you see it as I do: as an omnipotent star tracing our lives silently, lives that are tied to its moods with a thin thread—an outrageous burst, and we’re gone. But rest assured that it feels fear, too."  .... 

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