26. Februar 2015

When I looked at the trash...

...I thought I´m a bit paranoid and Kurt Cobain´s quote "Just because you're paranoid don't mean they're not after you" came into my mind! Why? Because I´m surrounded by art all day long - and night too -  and sometimes I see art almost everywhere :)

 But it was no bluff!

I took a sheet of newspaper and picked it out. When I looked closer, I noticed that there were two images, one framed and the other one on stretched canvas.

I hurried back into the apartment to take a better view to my startling discovery. The pictures haven´t been a long time in the trash but their smell was more than awful - I gave them a shower ;)

That´s the first photo from the painting on warped stretched canvas. I couldn´t find any sign of the artist or something like that. It still needs time to dry and many breathes of fresh air ;)

During the shooting of photos I became aware of  the wrong position. That´s the basic one but I like my view at it much more!

In nature the glow is fascinating and I´ll keep this painting as a mojo, a mascot in my home.

The second picture is a framed poster, a bit damaged and mystically because of the motif. People with the power of penguins have an enormous social competence, without losing their own lives out of sight. Equality is for penguin people not just a slogan and they are denying hierarchies and reviews.

Sounds good...
...I´m pretty happy and feel confirmed by the saying
"Give and you will get".

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