20. Februar 2015

Mail Art Show - What’s your view?

Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

I´m part of yet another wonderful and great organized Mail-Art-Project:

Mary England and Erika Kim Milenkovic have been selected to do an exhibit at the Top Of The World Observatory at the Baltimore, Maryland World Trade Center. I took the chance to share my views of the world and with the world through mail art, alongside other global participants. 

Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts:
"The Top of the World Observation Level at the World Trade Center in Baltimore is a place where locals, tourists, 360- degree views, and postcards come together. In this one of a kind exhibition, England and Milenkovic create a diverse and democratic installation of over 150 pieces of art sent through the mail like a postcard, created by artists of all ages, skill levels, and locations. The goal is to encourage art makers and art viewers alike to be curious, reflective, and aware of their own views and those of others, all while enjoying a spectacular view of Baltimore."

Here you can see how Mary England and Erika Kim Milenkovic prepared the submissions for the exhibition. 
What a lot of work!

Mary England: "Erika and I are so grateful to all the participants from this exhibit. We absolutely could not have done this without you," 

Read more: What´s Your View" Mail Art Show

And what an honor, to be chosen out of more than 200 pieces by Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts as announcement for the opening reception!

Thank you so much girls 

Mary England
Erika Kim Milenkovic

I love Mail Art :)

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