4. März 2012

Interview for Artist´s World Magazine

Exhibition @ Leopold Museum Vienna

In January this year I was asked for an interview by Johnny Otilano from Artists´s World Magazine when I was the 1st place winner at his competition. Please enjoy as I did :)

Please tell us something about yourself?
I am a very sensible and sensitive woman, a proud mum and live near Vienna with my 18 year young son. After many years of double job holding in business and teaching I work now as a fulltime artist in painting and writing. In 2006 I set up a non-profit-organization to help disadvantaged and longterm unemployed people.

How you got started as an artist?
When I was diagnozed with MS (multiple slerosis) in 2004 I took acrylics, canvasses and brushes, painted circles to handle the first shock. This cycle is called “noli turbare circulos meos” – do not disturb my circles – and is nowadays one of my most famous serie of paintings.

What is your art specialty?
I love to experiment. I want to flout the laws of physics, cross boundaries and find my own limits. I see myself as a paintress that works on her path creating a style, a new category of art – the MOOism beside the main stream.

How do you look for inspiration when it comes to creating your art?
Inspiration conquers me in that moment when I start a painting. My complex character rebels against other shallow decadence of others. My mission is to wake people, to excite and motivate them! My paintings carry these desires within them – qualities that can’t be properly expressed in words alone.

Where do you exhibit your art?

My paintings are exhibited in North- and South America, Australia and Europe.

What are your greatest achievements as an Artist?
I´ve been nominated for the “1st Sankt Leopold Friedenspreis” – dotation EUR 12000 - for humanitary engagement shortly after my first exhibition in 2008. In 2010 my “Mystery of Cy” got an award by the famous Prof. Dr. Rudolf Leopold (Leopold Museum Vienna) and exhibited there.

Where do you see yourself and your artwork 10 years from now?
In 2022 I will live secluded in a romantic and beauty spot somewhere in Florida, my work is very well known in the artscene and I will support young artists to find their path in life and art.

Can you share an inspirational message to us?
Work incessantly on your dreams and put always some lotion on your hands, because they will become rough from it.

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