23. Dezember 2011

Noli turbare circulos meos

Noli turbare circulos meos 2004
As long as I can remember I always felt more than the human beings around me. Sensibility and sensitivity determine my personality.

Since childhood I was searching, looking for an instrument or tool to master this damning feelings. Why damning? I thought all others were perfect because they always scold at me, when I cried or something else. The feeling to be abnormal in my sentiments was really hard! Over the years I could handle it better and better, I kept my real emotions hidden. 

The giant change came in 1993, when my son was born. Since this time I knew that I am completely in proper and it strengthened me to bear great responsibility and what others said to me or about me behind my back was nearly without any meaning for me. I felt that my path is the right for my beloved little family.

In 2004 I suddenly was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I didn´t know how to deal with this terrible situation but I always believed that I´m guided by someone over the rainbow.

Following my inner voice I bought canvasses, brushes, acrylics and started to paint. There was no idea how to do with this acrylics and what to paint - all at once there were circles on the canvas. At this time I didn´t realize that I´ve intrusively started a kind of therapy of my own. "Noli turbare circulos meos" - do not disturb my circles - my first serie was born. 

Step by step I understood the background of painting circles.There are a lot of theories to this theme and I think everyone makes his own associates to circles. I used only 4 colors, red - blue - green - yellow, without knowing anything about "color therapy". I studied this therapy very intensive, took classes and throug my decades of experience in business, artist, life and trainer for adults in vocational rehabilitation, I became a capably coach.

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