28. Dezember 2011

The Old Sycamore Tree

The Old Sycamore Tree 2011
"Everything contains a heart, and on the rhythmical pounding of the huge heart in the chest of the Earth, all things rise as in a continuum need of reaching the sky. So did an old sycamore tree!" written by The Whispering Voice

I published my painting in May this year on my Official Facebook Page without a title. At this time I didn´t know a suitable name for it and Irina Serban "The Whispering Voice" wrote a comment  on May, 9th in which she told, that this art work reminds her to The Old Sycamore Tree. I was excited about this and so this painting has got a great name!

The next suprise was, that Irina put my painting to her story which bears the same title. It´s one of the most joyful experiences for me as an artist, if a painting is published in a context that fits totally and shows a wider range. This are moments which verify my thoughts and give me strength on my path. I treasure this thrilling experiences and appreciate them so much. 

"I found my words today, and I send them to you, Great Sky, because today, an old sycamore tree reminded me that I have a dream, which keeps me warm." I love this specific sequence in Irina´s story very much; it approaches to my kind of doing. 

I´ve sent my words today to you out there...


  1. Thank you, for your beautiful words! They touched my heart! It's an honour to have met you, your art and your genuine soul!

  2. Many thanks Irina! I´m pretty happy to stay in touch with you :)