25. November 2015

Squirrel Museum @ Cocoa Beach - Florida

Connie Jean from Cocoa Beach invites to create a squirrel for her Squirrel Museum :)

I´ve drawn this tangle on a postcard an got this cute photos in return.

What a nice project in mail art and lovely presentation!

24. November 2015

Booklet for Project Mail Art Books | Netherlands

I´ve got a very kind invitation from Ed Hanssen to produce a booklet for the Project Mail Art Books It took a few days and now it´s on the way to Ed Hanssen in The Netherlands.

It´s cute, isn´t it?

20. November 2015

BONES Installation Art | meatless

Variety of bones colored and arranged into a purposefully organized or disorganized pile of art.

What is leftover from humans after leaving this planet called earth? Bones, meatless bones.

What betray these bones when they are found? Imagine you are a paleontologist on a dig in the Middle of Nowhere. You just uncovered many well-preserved bones in different colors. The challenge is to use clues to determine where these bones come from and this creature belonged to.

See more in the album on Facebook BONES Installation Art | meatless

14. November 2015

Runner Up @ Climate Justice

HOORAY! I´m so proud „smile“-Emoticon

My poster was highlighted in the top 20 by Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO) - NYC - www.wedo.org

Description & background of my poster:
My drawing The Tree of Silence used as the background represents a mute flora which became dead because of the climate disaster.

Event in NYC & exhibition @ #COP21 in Paris !!

13. November 2015

Superstition | BLACK SCAT REVIEW #13

What an incredibly successful November this year :)

I´m proud to be part of the brand new SUPERSTITION issue by Black Scat Books - USA.

This issue features 13 contributors: Paulo Brito, Eckhard Gerdes, Harold Jaffe, Soren James, Rick Krieger, Terri Lloyd, Monika Mori, Alice Pulaski, Frank Pulaski, Doug Skinner, Mylene Viger, Dominic Ward, and Carla M. Wilson. A sublime brew with a cover by Alice Pulaski.
BLACK SCAT REVIEW #13—innovative art & fiction that dares to walk under ladders.

Order your copy now on Amazon

12. November 2015

Booksbüdel @ Bocksbeutel | Correspondence Art

Roland Halbritter, German historian in culture and art and well known for his projects implemented a project in the International Mail Art Project BOCKSBEUTEL entitled ... so-called "Booksbüdel" for add & return ...

Description: "This book in leather is a so-called Booksbüdel, a girdle book. It will be the guestbook for the exhibition next year - the word "booksbüdel" is one definition for the word Bocksbeutel. It will be sent out to some artists who want to modify it and send it back. Make a comment if you want to be a participant of it."

I left a comment to be in and on November 10th I´ve got the Booksbüdel from Heinz W. Lotz (Darmstadt, Germany) and took pictures of it for Rolands documentation for the project. The photo above shows how it looks like with stamps, postmarks and rubber stamps. Heinz - yes, the same name as Heinz W. Lotz - our nosily cat, sniffed at it as you can see :)

The next day I created some entries in this lovely guestbook, took pictures for the documentation and prepared it for shipping. Today I went to the postoffice where the grumpy postman said, that I´ll get it back, because of blah blah... Let´s see how it works :)

Beside you can see some of my created pages in the Booksbüdel and I´m pretty happy to be part of this great project! 

In case you are interested to participate too, head over to ... so-called "Booksbüdel" for add & return .... and leave a comment.

10. November 2015

TRAssshART | Exhibition in The Netherlands

Annemiek Mullenders van Dooren aka Amuldo and Wytske Mullenders implemented a pretty interesting international project called TRAssshART and got 150 pieces of TRAssshART from 117 participants and 24 countries so far.
All submissions including my Protected Trash Box will now be shown in a former postoffice in Oud-Beijerland (a place nearby Rotterdam) in the Netherlands.

1st TRAssshART Exhibition

November 14, 2015 - January 9, 2016

POST 21:
Karel Doormanstraat 21a
The Netherlands

8. November 2015

TUCKER | Exhibition @ Ember Gallery

I´ve been pretty curious when I became knowledge of the call for submitting a work using an image of Tucker :)

The first submission Protected Tucker is based on my work Protected by Cy, the second shows Tucker riding a bike and the last is a collage with my work Pimped Up Tucker

Jon Foster: "In November 2014 I started making Tucker themed collages. Somehow that turned into a worldwide mail-art meme. From Morocco to South Korea people sent collages using Tucker's face."

The opening reception of the Mail Art Show was held on November 6, 2015 @ Ember Gallery (Winston Salem, NC). The exhibition can be visited until the end of November guided by the raffle to win art and possibly a Tucker sheet set from Machine Gun Graphics!

The video gives you a nice overview! If you are in the area don´t miss the show 
Ember Gallery, 690 N Trade st. Winston Salem, NC 27101

5. November 2015

Special Recognition Award from Light Space & Time Gallery

Hooray :)

John R. Math, the director of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, sent me an email: "Your artwork is outstanding and you should be very proud that your work was chosen from 487 entries which were submitted from around the world".

And believe me, I´m happy and pretty proud that Flora got a Special Recognition Award at the 5th Annual “Botanicals” competition!

Take a look at the “Botanicals” Art Exhibition – November 2015, it´s really worth to see it and a great inspiration!

3. November 2015

Super Sheroes & Villainesses | The Haggus Society

Most of us are Super Sheroes and are able to turn into Villainesses too :)

It was great fun to create posters in comic style showing myself as Moofertiti
and the Moovil Witch for this contest as a member of The Haggus Society - Los Angeles.

Click on the image to see all submissions

1. November 2015

Life in the XIX Century | Mail Art Exhibition in Italy

International Mail-Art-Project "Life in the XIX Century implemented by Associazione Acquerellisti Faentini and curated by Roberta Savolini Italian photographer.

My Collage shows Sisi - Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her shoes :) 

The opening reception took place on October 31, 2015 at Fontanone di Faenza. The exhibition and can be visited until November 8, 2015.

The project as well as the exhibition are pretty great. One can see the love behind the whole work :)

The video from yesterdays opening reception gives you a nice overview! If you are in the area don´t miss to visit this exhibition.

Video with all works: LA VITA NEL XIX SECOLO - Mostra collettiva di Mail Art