12. November 2015

Booksbüdel @ Bocksbeutel | Correspondence Art

Roland Halbritter, German historian in culture and art and well known for his projects implemented a project in the International Mail Art Project BOCKSBEUTEL entitled ... so-called "Booksbüdel" for add & return ...

Description: "This book in leather is a so-called Booksbüdel, a girdle book. It will be the guestbook for the exhibition next year - the word "booksbüdel" is one definition for the word Bocksbeutel. It will be sent out to some artists who want to modify it and send it back. Make a comment if you want to be a participant of it."

I left a comment to be in and on November 10th I´ve got the Booksbüdel from Heinz W. Lotz (Darmstadt, Germany) and took pictures of it for Rolands documentation for the project. The photo above shows how it looks like with stamps, postmarks and rubber stamps. Heinz - yes, the same name as Heinz W. Lotz - our nosily cat, sniffed at it as you can see :)

The next day I created some entries in this lovely guestbook, took pictures for the documentation and prepared it for shipping. Today I went to the postoffice where the grumpy postman said, that I´ll get it back, because of blah blah... Let´s see how it works :)

Beside you can see some of my created pages in the Booksbüdel and I´m pretty happy to be part of this great project! 

In case you are interested to participate too, head over to ... so-called "Booksbüdel" for add & return .... and leave a comment.


  1. Hi Monika

    the booksbüdel arrived already in the meantime, ...dry and safe, I will post it this evening or tomorrow.
    Thank you.