13. Juli 2012


Over the last years I have created many colors for my paintings by mixing with other colors or addition of pigments and use them from time to time when I feel it fits. For a current contest organized by Rembrandt  I  named one of my creations with description and submitted my ELFIN MOOROSE. The funny thing is that rose or pink was usually less agreeable to me :)

Maybe I have a chance but most of all I´m now inspired to name and describe certain creations of mine and give some works an additional expressiveness 

Rosenelflein 2012

stands for sensitivity, is pretty kitschy and childlike.

This creation can be mixed with any color and is particularly effective when it is scarce-used, because it highlights the brilliance of other colors. The invisible dominance of ELFIN MOOROSE gives an artwork  mystical charisma and implements a touch of protection.

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