17. Februar 2012

Primavera 2012 | Spring with MOO

It´s really enough with the ugly and cold weather here in Austria. Since weeks we have minus temperatures, therefore I decided to make my own spring hoping it will come much earlier this year :)

Years ago I´ve learned the Italian speech and for me it´s the only language to describe the spring in all its forms. About 5 years ago I started to learn the Russian language too and it´s the most soft and smoothy speech I know but it is pretty difficult to learn!  

Ok... I decided to paint "Primavera" which is the Italian word for spring and took a special mixture for the background. It is not blue, not turquoise, not green - it is Primavera :) Each color represents a flower or plant awaking from  the middle of February until April or May. This depends on geographic reasons. 

The first 5 works are completed and show my favorite figure - the circle - again in different ways. All the paintings are made with the same color serie that I choosed to represent the flowers of spring. The titles of the paintings transport the feelings, situations and energy of the most beloved season.

Do you think there´s only spring in those works? Oh no,  they bear much more inside and it is your turn to discover it. 
It is not often, that I explain my works but in this case I feel deep inside that it is necessary - necessary for myself! I can feel there is a very stunning time coming - glory days are ahead and I want to spread the word, want to touch you with this reanimating radiance.

On Facebook you can find the album with this new serie which is growing day by day.

Enjoy it :)