26. Januar 2012

Stolen in Fort Myers | Thieves @ Value Place

When I came back to Value Place in Fort Myers in November last year I was shocked, sad and angry. All my paintings, the complete painting equipment, all my clothes, jeans, optical glasses, shoes - everything was stolen! 

It took more than 3 weeks getting an answer from Value Place. All what this manager said, was that the complete staff had been changed and nobody knows anything. The Austrian Embassy and the Austrian Consulate didn´t answer - they ignored me!! I didn´t get any help from all these organizations - until today I cannot believe this all. The worth of all the stolen items is about USD 40.000.I have no chance to get any cent nor my paintings. I´m asking myself why they have stolen my optical glasses, my shoes and all my sketches, documents... it will take more time to realize this all. I hope that my paintings will be found and then I will donate them as a sign for forgiveness. 

These are a few of more than 20 stolen art works:

The most shameless in this all is, that there are people in Austria who laugh at this because of their envy. They all forget that I´ve worked very hard for my career as an artist.  It´s not the money that is now lost, it is the stolen trust and that many people showed their true faces.   

It took time to publish this because I thought I should remain silent about this terrible experience and now I´m really glad about my inner freedom that it is done :)

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