2. April 2012

MOOney | Currency - Währung

A few weeks ago I started this project about money as a persiflage by enlarging copies of notes, revising them with geometric symbols, letters and shapes.

This serie satirizes the fetish of money as well as the saying "Money makes the world go round". In the digital age, the intricately designed banknotes have lost in importance. Nowadays, capital moves primarily in abstract form in the enormously increased number of securities transactions. Normal consumers make their financial transactions, purchase   online and book services via the Internet and accordingly the note loses its value in the hand.

The clasping of Austrians on Schilling, which had to make way for the Euro reflects the eternal Yesterday, the fear of new things and manifests the resistance to change in general. Focus on the past, basically, neglected the all-present, the meanness and closes the door completely autonomous in the future.

The first part of the serie presents the Austrian Schilling currency, while the second part involves currencies from  the whole globe and different eras. Some of these bills are still used for payment  and valid.

To see more of this very special works, please take a look into the album "MOOney | Currency - Währung" on Facebook.

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