21. Dezember 2011

My art is all about Power!

Protected by Cy 2010
My color choices often come from an inner voice that has guided me throughout my career. When painting I dive into a revealed world and I feel as if someone is offering their help and encouragement. My complex character rebels against other shallow decadence of others. My mission is to wake people, to excite and motivate them! My paintings carry these desires within them – qualities that can’t be properly expressed in words alone. One of my ambitions is to excite and re-animate people who have lost their joy in life... 

Painting is an intensely erotic experience for me! When I gently caress the canvas, I feel it almost has goose bumps and my whole body shakes; my sensual, sensitive art flows from this intimate relationship.

I love to experiment. I want to flout the laws of physics, cross boundaries and find my own limits. Often I experience a little girl’s joy. When the colors are following, I can build a symbiosis which is the highest expression of my feelings. I cry during these wonderful moments and experience true joy.

I don’t care whether my work finds general acceptance because I’m convinced that its unique energy will attract those people who share my vision. I am sure all my works will find the right home and I’m driven by the desire that the radiance of my art will always generate very positive energy.

The complexity of my character is revealed in my art and I hate it when people try to pigeon hole my style. Why? Because my work is about surprise and astonishment! My biggest challenge in art, as in life, is always to be true to myself.

My favourite shape is the circle. This may well be because they mirror my life journey of voyage and return. Noli turbare circulos meos - do not disturb my circles - was my guiding theme when I embarked on my art career and I will paint circles, in all their forms, till the end of my days.

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