21. Februar 2015

I ♥ Hahnemühle PastellFix

© MOO | Monika Mori

It was a great pleasure to be chosen as one of 30 artists to work with the new paper called PastellFix

When I opened the envelope from Hahnemühle and took the sheets of PastellFix I could feel a velvety surface, what an amazing vibe! There was need to start properly working with pastels. The image shows the result - The Eye :)

We were asked to send the paintings to Hahnemühle  and to write a few words about our experience with PastellFix. What a task! As an emotional person it´s always a challenge to find the right words, to draft fact-bounded ;) 

© Hahnemühle
What a surprise!

I managed very well - my statement has been released!

"The velvety looking surface is a totally new haptic experience and your chalk pastels seem to just dance across it. Working with this high quality paper is thoroughly enjoyable right from the start," says artist Monika Mori enthusiastically.

Due to unknown reasons I´ve acted too rarely with this medium and during working I promised myself to do this more often in the future and exclusively on this base coat!

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