8. April 2013

The Gun Show | San Francisco

I've decided to take a stand against gun violence by contributing a poster to The Gun Show by The Creative Action Network!

It´s a great pleasure for me to be part of The Gun Show. The poster is created with my painting “Hands washed in innocence are always dirty”. It is a call to defend humans from guns and a statement against them.

The Gun Show has been getting lots of great press like pieces in the Huffington Post and Imprint Magazine. They've also been getting lots and lots of great twitter love from cool organizations. The project partnered with Rebuild the Dream to get the posters in windows and on streets. This includes launching a tumblr for images of work in the streets, several pop-up shows in San Francisco and even a giant mural.


Rebuild the Dream and The Creative Action Network have teamed up to harness the wave of creative energy around gun violence prevention and put C.A.N.’s growing Gun Show Gallery to work.

Leading up to a one night only Pop-Up Gallery Show in San Francisco on April 18th, 2013, people across the country are taking art to the streets. Putting up posters in their community or window, chalking on sidewalks, or sharing online, they’re putting artistic impression that moves hearts and minds in front of thousands.

We’ve made a free downloadable toolkit with everything you’ll need to print the work and share it in your neighborhood. The most shared posters online and offline will be featured prominently at our show on 4/18.


  1. Your art is very innovative. And so are you. In this age when everywhere violence is promoted in different forms of entertainment, you are standing against it. One against so many. You are so brave. Wish many more could be like you. Hats off!!

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