6. Oktober 2014

Portrait by Louise Demers | Canada

What an honor and wonderful surprise!

Louise Demers, an artist from Quebec (Canada), made this wonderful portrait of mine. I´m still speechless how she brought my personality into this work! It looks very noble. For me it represents my curiosity, vigilance and aloofness :)

It´s really a major honor to be painted by such a great talented female artist. I´m very grateful and can´t await to hold it in my hands - but it will take time, because it needs time to dry carefully before taking it´s trip from Canada to Austria.

If you want to be painted by Louise Demers you can contact her on the page on Facebook: Louise Demers artiste.

Feb 11th, 2015
Finally in my hands „smile“-Emoticon
The portrait made by Louise Demers artiste from Québec (Canada) had a safe trip to Austria and will have a very special place!

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