8. April 2014

Lady Vagina @ The Vagina Project

About 2 weeks ago I´ve got knowledge from The Vagina Project through The Haggus Society based in Los Angeles where I´m a lifelong member. I was astonished about the project implemented bei Jessica Row a NYC-based artist, learned more about it by checking out the website and all I could find about it was pretty interesting! 

It´s such a great project and I´m losing inhibitions through it, which guide me nearly lifelong. I guess many women have problems with the word vagina and the absurd stigma of it. Through looking back I discovered that I neither learned this word at school nor was I teached by my mother to name this "thing". And I remember the difficultness to name my painting "Lady Vagina" in 2012 for some reason.  I think most of the women of my generation feel familiar with this thoughts although they don´t bear any reason if watched from the outside. 

The painting "Lady Vagina" belongs to the series MOO NUDES, a slyly erotic celebration of the female body. The work represents the womanhood tautologically and invites the beholders to discover the feminality and the open-endedness of the element.

About the Curator: JRow is a NYC-based artist who also creates and leads online community-based art projects. She is also an LMSW-level social worker. She studied art at Hunter College and holds degrees from John Jay College and Columbia University in forensic psychology and social work, respectively. She has been studying the social issues experienced by creative workers since 2007. There have been a few incarnations of an applied model of her studies, such as artist networking events and an artist social justice workshop through the Tryst Collective, which she founded. Her work, however, has moved into an online story collection and social justice project called Artist Stories (artiststories.wordpress.com). A feminist, she also created and curates the Vagina Project (vaginaproject.org) to help de-stigmatize and de-politicize the vagina. To learn more about JRow, please visit jrowart dot com.

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