11. Mai 2012

Honored by artists!

I´m still blown away! What an honor and big surprise to be painted from the German paintress Vanessa Hahn.

Vanessa created this amazing work with symbols of my leading themes as an artist and the written name of my logo . I am still speechless about this present which will be in a few days in my hands! And I am deeply grateful.

There´s really need to show you the works of other artists showing me and given as a present. Nevzat Kaplan, an artist from Turkey drew two portraits of mine and I remember my joy when he published them. He sent the originals to Austria but unfortunately they got lost, are still missed!

Frauke Menger made a cartoon a few years ago at a business event in Saalfelden (Austria) and created this very first artwork which shows me! 

Album on Facbook

I´m pretty happy, really proud and thankful about this honor! 

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