30. Mai 2012

Art is a game

MOO herself 2012
and I love to play this thrilling match :)

When I started painting I´d never thought to reach the current point as an artist! Sometimes, when viewing my works, I can´t believe that they´re done by myself. You can´t imagine the feeling of joy :)

There´s a saying by Katherine Hepburn: "When I started out, I didn't have any desire to be an actress or to learn how to act. I just wanted to be famous." I adapted it to my work: "When I started out, I didn´t have any desire to be a paintress or to learn how to paint..." and that´s true! To be famous has been a little girl´s wish, my wish!. We didn´t have magazines at home, the earned money of my parents was needed for building a home and for every day´s life in the Sixties and Seventies but my Oma had sometimes magazines with VIP´s and most of all I loved Romy Schneider and Princess Caroline from Monaco. I cutted out the photos and collected them while dreaming to become a star :)

My May 2008

Nowadays I can say I´m a star - whatever someone interpretes into this. I´ve left my traces through my paintings, my poems, books and many more. Yesterday my artpage on Facebook made the milestone of 10.000 followers and I´m pretty happy, very grateful and proud to see that my work goes around the globe! 

Art became a game to me - a thrilling match called MOO vs. ART and I love it! It´s my every days food - my life. Last weekend I did my very first selfportrait just 4 fun but the result was more than  funny - it touched me deeply that I am able to do this and remembered me to my very first nude painting called "My May" in 2008. I cried rivers of tears when it was finished. Maybe you think I´m crazy - yes I am and I love to be different, love to let my feelings out of my body, my soul and last but not least out of my heART :)

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