7. März 2015

Close to Damien Hirst ❣

Flashdance, what a feeling :)

I discovered by chance a page about artists featuring Damien Hirst and me collectively. The creator of the page called Themes of our Time is unknown but I´d like to meet him or her for giving thanks for the appreciation!

The description of the page is pretty good and invites to learn more:

Themes of our Time art is current influential art that is made up of a wide range of medias. From film and photography to gravity defying sculptures and abstract paintings, as technology grows and knowledge increases so does the range of art. Along with a growing range of art, is an increase in art which challenges society, from the strong political statements of Banksy's street art and Anne Geddes' questionable baby photos to Damien Hirst's controversial simple dot paintings. 

See for yourself how the work of these artists challenge you to explore their work further, and see how their work challenges society, whether it is through their strong obvious statements or questionable creation choices.

I love to be featured among more famous artists 

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