15. September 2015

Artist Showcase | Light Space & Time Gallery

Artist Showcase – Monika Mori

What an incredible promotion and support!

"Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that contemporary artist Monika Mori is the gallery’s newest featured artist. She will now be presented and promoted in the gallery’s Artist Showcase for the next 30 days."


Over more than 5 years I´m participating at odd times in competitions held by LST, won a few awards and love to collaborate with the director John R. Math, who formed LST as a way to more quickly identify talented artists and market them to the art world.

Advertised in the Newsletter sent to 7,000 thousand gallery owners, corporate art representatives and decision makers in the fine arts field!

I´m very grateful and want to thank John R. Math from the bottom of my heart for this fantastic feature, the promotion and the constantly support! 

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